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Workshops reviews

Austrian Embassy in Washington DC. Great article after our performance/workshop at the Austrian Embassy sponsored by the Embassy Series

"Hi Andrei and Solomia!
I just wanted to thank you again for the guidance and inspiration you gave us at MATI. It's been four days since we played and I'm more motivated and excited to practice than I've been in a long, long while--I am feeling like a capable musician again!! I must do some more composing, too! ; ) Thanks for your great coaching and feedback on my pieces and all our playing..." Michael

"The moment that Dr. Pidkivka walked into the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington's programs carrying Eastern European flutes and other non-traditional instruments he was a hit.  His electrifying performances included an eclectic repertoire that was entwined with participatory activities and an instrumental petting zoo engaging young and old audiences alike.  His pedagogical approach to arts education for young audiences and master classes for our performance camp participants was riveting.  From Baroque to postmodern genres,  Andrei is a pied piper of arts education."  Tony M. Small. Regional Artistic Director for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Andrei Pidkivka and Dr. Solomia Gorokhivska since 2009, and have become very familiar with their work and their vision.  My son is a violin student of Dr. Gorokhivska, and as a semi-professional dancer, he has collaborated and performed with their musical ensemble, Gerdan.”

“They are consummate professionals and experts in their craft, producing work of the highest quality, yet they are extremely accessible and engaging, enabling them to relate to audiences at any level.  They both have extensive experience working with children of all ages."  John Mykyta


"Dr. Andrei Pidkivka blends musical virtuosity, a seemingly infinite depth of knowledge in culture and craft, and a light hearted, engaging style to deliver a unique, educational and exciting perspective, opening the imagination and bringing to life the evolution of the flute from highland shepherd to concert hall.  Dr. Pikdkivka captivates his audience by taking them on a fascinating journey around the world through culture and history, filled with colorful stories and interesting facts.  His presentations entertain and educate audiences of all ages, and would be particularly effective in stimulating the spirit and evoking interest in music and world cultures in school age children.  Dr. Pidkivka's workshops come with my highest possible recommendation and are quality educational programs that enhance curriculum in art, music, social studies, history and even wood craft."  John Mykyta


"The current information technology and social media revolution is creating a greater global awareness, and inevitable cross cultural engagements.  What better way to expose children to the idea of diversity as something to embrace rather than fear, than to explore diversity and the potential for synergy through music Dr. Andrei Pidkivka teams up with violin virtuoso and social anthropologist, Dr. Solomia Gorokhivska to deliver this most interesting and forward leaning program in cross cultural communication.  Both have mastered a broad range of musical genres and styles through their collaborations with musicians from all over the world, and demonstrate, through their engaging and accessible style, how layering and integrating different genres and styles creates something new and exciting while still maintaining the integrity and identity of the original sounds.  This workshop has my highest possible recommendation and is a quality educational program that can enhance curriculum in art, music, social studies and history.  It is foundational in the development of a child in that begins to dissolve the fears associated with diversity."  John Mykyta

Waters Landing Elementary School in Germantown, MD "Solomia and Andrei were just fantastic to work with. Andrei called me ahead of time and made arrangements for the visit. As it happened, the date of the event, we had quite the cold spell and the person who normally sets up the equipment was out ill. Needless to say, our school wasn’t quite prepared. Fortunately, Andrei and Solomia were and made everything work. They had such enthusiasm; one staff member even got up and did the polka with the kids! Some of our classes were doing projects on Ukraine so the material was very timely. Please pass our appreciation – they were fantastic." Nurgi Gelic, PTA

Piney Branch Elementary School in Silver Spring, MD "Dear Andrei and Solomiya. Thank you very much for coming to Piney Branch Elementary School to perform 2 assemblies for the students. Your performances were very engaging and informative, and the students loved learning about the different kinds of flutes from different countries, as well as enjoying the music. They especially enjoyed interacting with the music, even with just clapping with the different songs, and watching their friends dance. The music was accessible to all the students, regardless of their backgrounds. We appreciate your time, and thank you again for coming to our school." Kawsar Talaat, PTA secretary

William Gibbs Elementary School in Germantown, MD. "We enjoyed having Andrei Pidkivka at our school.  He gave a wonderful performance along with Solomia Gorokhivska, who played the violin.  The magical sounds he makes with his collection of flutes left students and teachers amazed.  Since the school was celebrating Eastern European month, Andrei also took the students on a journey through various Eastern European countries through music and storytelling.  The students were also kept engaged through interaction with the performers.  We thoroughly enjoyed the performance." Thanks Again, Jennifer Dailey

Jamestown Elementary School in Arlington, VA. "The students were very engaged and participated with wonderful rhythmic accompaniment for the soloist as he introduced them to a whole family of flute type instruments. The students also learned a little geography talking about and listening to the music from Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Croatia which comprise a part of this region. In the course of the workshop they even named themselves as the "Carpatopizzan" Orchestra at the request of one student who wanted "pizza" in the title. As an observer I was delighted to see the participation of the students, their engagement, interest and enthusiasm as they clapped, played, danced and sang enthusiastically."  Chrystia Sonevytsky - Arlington Sister City Ivano Frankivsk co-chair

Rock View Elementary School in Kensington, MD. “Since first minutes of her performance the auditorium was filled with energy and vibe of Ukrainian folk tunes. Everyone was impressed by the high level of Solomia’s virtuous violin play.  Her presentation about Ukrainian traditions, folk music, instruments and dances was age-appropriate and received very well by 5-11 years-old audience, their parents and teachers. Ms. Gorokhivska was assisted by her extremely talented violin student Roman Mykyta and his charming dance partner Julianne Marie, who also perform a couple of folk tunes during the presentation and dance folk dances in national costumes. Overall it was such a vivid, bright and memorable performance! Thanks again to Solomia and her students for presenting Ukrainian culture to our school community!” Olena Bukalo, PTA

Music Loft in Herndon, VA. "I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the master flute class this afternoon (I’m the adult in the class—six decades older than the rest of the group!).   It was really a great experience.  And I know that the other students enjoyed it very much as well."  Thanks, Alan

What people say about our music

“Stupendous, exciting, breath-taking--are just some of the adjectives that we have been using to describe our experience at the concert Sunday at the Hill Center…thanks for bringing this type of high quality entertainment to our doorsteps”.  Darcy and Larry

“Your music was mesmerizing and very enjoyable! …my musical tastes are very diverse:  Frank Zappa to Sergei Shnurov/Leningrad to Stephan Grapelli and Stan Getz.  Your music touched about every chord in my musical library!  I left the CD this morning for my wife to listen to since I am absolutely certain that she will find it every bit as enjoyable as I did.  Thank you for putting together such a wonderful CD.” Michael Fedun

“… мав нагоду чути цих Музикантів у живому звучанні. Немає слів щоб передати ті хвилини години блаженства душі які я пережив!” Ігор Стадницький

"Thank you, Gerdan, for bringing such spirit, high class and quality of performance to McDaniel campus!!!  You fired up the audience and made me very proud to be a Ukrainia. You all have mastery, virtuosity, dignity and professionalism in music-making. Your presentation is heart-felt, enlightened and worldly, I keep hearing glowing reviews from the audience members who have became instant fans of your beautiful, inspired musicianship. Best wishes for your creative career, slava Ukrainia!" Kateryna Dovgan - Professor of Art at McDaniel College