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UkraineEnglish (United Kingdom)

Schools – each program is individually tailored to target Elementary, Middle, and High School students. It is educational and interactive: students participate in singing and dance. The main topics/activities include: * Locations of the countries and their cultural connections. *Performance experiences in Eastern European countries, with musical selections from each country. * Instrument construction and performance techniques - specifically aimed at students who are involved into school music activities (recorder lessons/string orchestra or band) As part of this, students can learn basics of playing exotic flutes such as tylynka (a flute without finger holes that operates on harmonics).

Universities and Colleges - engage students directly with performers in an advance workshop that focuses on the music, instruments, and dance history of each country in Eastern Europe. We explain performance practice that was passed down from generation to generation and different music genre. Every detail will be accompanied with music examples and dance steps.

Libraries and Museums - programs are designed for youth and adults. The purpose is to engage the local community into the rich folk art of Eastern Europe.

Week-Long Residencies - are designed for multiple school districts in the same geographic area to benefit from our educational workshops. A family concert at the end of the week can be arranged where children and parents are invited to experience the full performance together.