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Welcome to Gerdan – Kaleidoscope of World Music Click here to purchase our NEW CD!!!


Kennedy Center Part.I
Kennedy Center Part.II
Melody by M. Skoryk

An entertaining and educational performance/workshop on exotic world flutes available at your school, college or library. Please click to see a small preview.

Great article after our performance/workshop at the Austrian Embassy sponsored by the Embassy Series

"Beside musical talent, you have an amazing stage presence and ability to connect to the audience like I have never seen!" Natalie X. Korytnyk Forrester PhD (after Gerdan's performance at the Library of Congress)


"Stupendous, exciting, breath-taking--are just some of the adjectives that we have been using to describe our experience at the concert Sunday at the Hill Center…thanks for bringing this type of high quality entertainment to our doorsteps”.  Darcy and Larry

“Your music was mesmerizing and very enjoyable! …my musical tastes are very diverse:  Frank Zappa to Sergei Shnurov/Leningrad to Stephan Grapelli and Stan Getz.  Your music touched about every chord in my musical library!  I left the CD this morning for my wife to listen to since I am absolutely certain that she will find it every bit as enjoyable as I did.  Thank you for putting together such a wonderful CD.” Michael Fedun

“… мав нагоду чути цих Музикантів у живому звучанні. Немає слів щоб передати ті хвилини години блаженства душі які я пережив!” Ігор Стадницький

"Thank you, Gerdan, for bringing such spirit, high class and quality of performance to McDaniel campus!!!  You fired up the audience and made me very proud to be a Ukrainia. You all have mastery, virtuosity, dignity and professionalism in music-making. Your presentation is heart-felt, enlightened and worldly, I keep hearing glowing reviews from the audience members who have became instant fans of your beautiful, inspired musicianship. Best wishes for your creative career, slava Ukrainia!" Kateryna Dovgan - Professor of Art at McDaniel College